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Tips to a successful Wardrobe Edit

Updated: Jan 12

As a stylist and lover of all things clothes I do take a lot of joy out of editing my own wardrobe and keeping on top of it so tend to edit my wardrobe around 3 times every season. I find it very therapeutic. As I do it so regularly it becomes a quick and easy job each time so it's something I really recommend you stay on top of.

Wardrobe Edits do still tend to be my most popular service as with us all trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce reduce wasting money its great to really understand what you have in that wardrobe and how you can wear it as it stands. Very occasionally my clients only need to buy a couple of new things to maximise the use of their wardrobe when initially they felt they needed to do an entire personal shop. It isn't always needed, just a fresh pair of us can help get you excited about it again.

Of course I am always here and available to help you edit your wardrobe but for those that live further afield or prefer to work on it by themselves I have done some top tips below to help you with the process! Trust me (apparently never believe anyone that says that!!!) but it can be fun and it is sooooooo mentally therapeutic for you too!

Before You Start

When you have decided that you absolutely need to edit your wardrobe that is an amazing first hurdle to get over, as we know its one of those jobs we can avoid doing!!! There are various reasons that may have led you to this decision, you may just find it stressful to visit each morning, which isn't a great start to the day, you may have a new job, a lifestyle change, a body shape change or you are about to move house and then the classic, "I have so many clothes but nothing to wear!" Before you start here are my recommendations:

Make Time

If you haven't done this for a while, or ever, then I will not lie, it will take some time, maybe 3/4 hours! This time spent on your wardrobe now though is going to save you so much time in the long run I guarantee you. Do not think its a quick 10 minute job before you see friends for lunch. You need to set aside a day and time to get this done and stick it to it.

Make it fun

Grab some speakers or set your TV to Radio status and get your favourite tunes on. Not only does an organised space give you a mood boost but the right music always does too and this will keep you keep your energy levels raised! Organise to have your favourite drink to hand and of course snacks, another energy booster!

Be prepared

Get everything you need ready, so charity bags for anything you edit out, space for anything to be set aside to sell, then cleaning product for when its all out as it gets so dusty and dirty in there, especially if you store footwear in your wardrobe. Have the hoover and anti-bac wipes at the ready to clean it all down before anything goes back. When I come and do a Wardrobe Edit with you I bring my industrial rail as extra storage to use as we do the edit, I know not everyone has this available to them but if you do have it in the room it comes in very handy.

During The Edit

The time is set aside, the tunes have started, snacks are to hand and you have everything ready, so its time to get started. Get your mindset ready to be strong willed and true to yourself and your style. If we have set aside this time we want it to really count so here are my tips for taking you through the edit itself.

Get it all out

You will discover items in there that you totally forgot you had, pieces you remember loving but haven't worn for a while and items that are still waiting to be mended! The only way you can discover all this and begin to use that valuable space wisely is if you get it all out, everything! This is why it will take time and it is the only way to really achieve a successful edit. This is when the spare rail (if you have one), some space around you and your bed will come in handy! This is the start of the "messy middle"!

Try it on

Unless it is something you are already regularly wearing and know it fits then I strongly recommend you try it on and look at yourself in the mirror, this will really help you decide whether it is a keeper or goer. You can ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Do I love this?

  2. Does it really fit me comfortably?

  3. Does it suit my lifestyle?

  4. Will I really wear it?

  5. Do I have the right pieces to go with it?

The answer to these questions will allow you to be ruthless and decide whether it stays or go. Some items you may answer "no" to all of the above but they have sentimental value to you, such as they belonged to a grandparent or you wore to your first interview. In this instance you would keep, but as that space is valuable I suggest you store somewhere other than your everyday go to wardrobe. I am aware that some clients are nervous to book in help with a stylist for a wardrobe edit through fear their entire wardrobe will be chucked out! I can assure you that never has or never will be the case as there is always creativity that can come from what you have.

Capture It

As you try things on don't feel shy about taking some selfies! It's great to capture yourself in some pieces, especially those you haven't worn in a while as a reminder to wear it more often! I often tell clients to get some of the pictures I send back to them printed and put on the inside of their wardrobe door as quick morning reminders of some of the outfits put together! It's hard to remember it all when you have so much to go through so you will find this really helpful, especially with busy mornings to contend with.


As you go through everything this is when you begin to organise those pieces so it becomes easy to put it all back at the end. Essentially you will start to build the wardrobe you are keeping in an order of category or perhaps colour or purpose within your space. You can also work out here whether something will be going back hanging or folded too. As you look around you, a few areas or piles of clothes would have begun to form which should look something like this:

  1. My new wardrobe

  2. Items to sell

  3. Items to donate

  4. Items to wash

  5. Items to mend

  6. Spare hangers

  7. Rubbish

The space around you will now represent that "messy middle", it's chaos and carnage but with all jobs like this you have to create the mess to sort it and get it back in a usable order!!!


As you go through the pieces that are staying do try and think about how they are being stored. Can footwear be stored in layered boxes, like these from Ikea, is the knitwear too heavy for a hanger, if so it must be stored flat. Can you avoid layering more than one piece on a hanger so that you have clear visibility of everything and avoid forgetting pieces in your wardrobe because they are hidden! Velvet hangers are great to save on space and ensure items do not slip off, just like these from Amazon. It's likely you will not have these to hand but make a note of the storage you now need as you are clearer as to what needs to go back and how.

Putting it back

Now you know exactly what you are keeping its time to put it back in an order that works for you! I set my wardrobe out by category order and within that category just try and group some colours together, so if I know I want a blue top I know they are in all in that one place! You may group by lifestyle, so if you have clear split between your work and everyday wardrobe you may want to ensure they are separated so it is clear where it is in the morning. The way you put it back does also depend on your storage too so I have a fairly even split between hanging and drawer space so I tend to store, tees, sweats, jeans and casual trousers in my drawers and other pieces are hanging. My knitwear I always store flat so it doesn't grow or change shape so it is in a box under my bed!

Benefits of a Wardrobe Edit

There are so many! It's all now back in an order that is easy for you to shop and you have removed the pieces you no longer have so it becomes so much clearer to see what is in your wardrobe. I get messages from clients telling me how easy it has for them to dress in the morning after we have worked on their edits, how they have found it fun and they haven't dreaded going to the wardrobe each morning. Here are just some of the benfits of doing The Wardrobe Edit:

What & Where

You know exactly what you have and where it is, so there is reduced time and stress trying to find something you thought you had! If you have worked with me during the edit you will also know all the varied combinations that go together too. It's not uncommon to hear that since we have reduced what is inside a clients wardrobe they are actually wearing more clothes with more combinations! Having less really is more!

Saves Time & Money

If you make time to sort and organise your wardrobe you will save yourself time in the long run from not worrying about what to wear or finding what to wear. It will make getting ready in the morning less stressful and quicker! It will also save you money as once you remind yourself of what you have and love, you wont need to buy all the new things you thought you needed! Instead you can make a very thoughtful list of what you do need to make your wardrobe work even harder! This will reduce the impulse buys as you are now buying what you need and you know what it will go with as you have identified it as missing.

Donate & Earn

By doing the wardrobe edit it gives you a chance to donate some pieces to a charity of your choice knowing that those pieces will go to a good home to have more wear from and raise money for charity at the same time. You can also earn yourself some money on pieces that you choose to sell yourself. This can be done via the likes of Vinted or various preloved sellers that I have highlighted below. The preloved buying and selling world is huge right now so I can guarantee there is someone out there that will make use of the clothes are not wearing.

Clear Mind

It is so mentally satisfying to complete this task! Our wardrobe is a space that we all visit every single morning, you may even visit it twice some days, it's your shop in your very own bedroom, so you do really want it all merchandised beautifully and in some sort of order. I know so many people that have spent too long opening those doors first thing and being completely deflated by what they see and its not a great start to the day! Once that wardrobe is sorted, organised and full of things you know fit, you love and have a purpose, you will be excited to visit it!

Now, what are you waiting for! Go and set aside that time or better still get me booked and lets have some fun together getting creative with that wardrobe! Book me here!

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