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Pool Day Outfits

Lots of chat about swimwear and bikinis right now as holiday season approaches! I personally like making this feel a bit special, so the outfit doesnt just stop at the bikini. My swimwear also gets the most space in my suitcase when I pack! I may take just 4 evening dresses, but I easily take at least 15 to 18 swimsuits and bikinis combined!!!!!

With evening clothes I regularly feel we take too much, you usually have it on for a few hours so it can easily be reworn but with swimwear this is what I am in most all of my holiday as we usually do a hot coastal pool type holiday. I do appreciate that the swimwear versus clothing ratio will change depending on your type of holiday! City breaks for me are more about outfits for both day and night as its more out and about and less by the the pool. I barely take any swimwear on these trips!

However, on my usual Summer holiday I know that everyday I will be in swimwear, it'll be coated in sun lotion, chlorine, salt water, or all of the above and so I will likely wear a fresh one everyday, or sometimes I change it once throughout the day! There is also the option to take a small sachet of hand wash powder and you can wash as you go if you would prefer to take less

I also like variety in the shapes and styles I wear to try and avoid strap marks so some have lower backs, some have single straps, some are bandeau and I mix between swimsuit and bikini too.

I've just popped this blog together to show you some pool day outfit combos, thinking about all the accessories too! Hopefully it'll give you some inspiration on some new shapes, colours and brands and how to wear it together with various footwear and overlays.

I also like my cover ups to be suitable for the restaurant at lunch and breakfast so I do not have to switch from barely there kaftan to a suitably covered one. This again manages the packing and to save any restaurant embarrassment as some of them have very fair rules in place to keep it a bit smarter and to save everyone's blushes!

Monochrome Simplicity

Love a bit of monochrome and if you have seen my recent social media posts you will see that this is a great colour palette to focus on for the start of your packing! It ensures easy mix and matching! I love this swimsuit from Pour Moi as it also works well as a body top too, so you could even wear it one evening as an evening top and than after that wear it for day swimwear! It gives pool day glam vibes for sure!

Leopard Love

Leopard has had a full blown explosion back into the fashion print world so we cannot have a pool day look that doesn't include the lovely leopard! It's great for all ages and all shapes! I love teaming tan and gold with leopard and I adore this sequin bag from Zara. You can use it as your travelling bag as its too beautiful to pack away! This is a dress that can be used for an evening look and then transferred to a day pool look to ensure maximum wear.

Paisley Patterns

I love a bright unusual pattern and Boden have some great options, plus they are currently in sale! Bonus! A bandeau bikini is great if you know you will be fairly still throughout the the day and wont be dragged into joining water polo throughout the day! However, should you become more active you can reattach the strap. A bandeau swimsuit is also great for avoiding tan marks, especially if you have any strapless or unusual strap dresses for the evening! This particular style comes in various prints and colours on the Boden site so lots to choose from.

Citrus Brights

Nothing screams holiday and fun times more than bright colours and the best way to wear them is to clash them! I love the citrus saturated colours and they will really stand out whilst on holiday! If you didn't want to wear this all together you could always add in one piece to your monochrome set to just brighten it slightly! The best of both worlds! I would suggest going bold though, everyone seems to feel more free to be a little more daring on holiday!

Golden Sunset

I love finding a highlight colour that works with gold and Orange is defo one of those colours that works really well and I love this boho vibe! If you find orange tricky in your everyday outfit then try and make it work in your swim wardrobe! I have teamed this with wedges to give it a fab pool party vibe and the long kimono is perfect for swishing around in. The M&S bikini is selling out fast but I noticed Hush also have an Orange Bikini that you can find here!

Tropical Paradise

Cotton and Linen shirts work really well worn open on the beach or around the pool, they are lovely and cool against the skin and protect you a bit more from the sun! M&S have a great selection you can find here in so many colours. A palazzo trouser is great for floating around the pool too and with that elasticated waist they are super easy to whip on and off with out doing some interesting dance to get your clothes on.

I hope this offers some pool day style inspiration, there is so much choice out there now and its great to be a little more bold and experimental whilst you are away. I always find whilst working with clients on wardrobe edits they have a separate holiday wardrobe and when I get to see it the prints and colours are so exciting but strangely they do not want to wear it in the UK. Perhaps it's the sense of feeling unknown whilst away but I do recommend bringing that sense of style fun home with you to share with others!

Happy holidays!

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