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Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

This is part 2 of a bit of a blog series on holiday packing as based on many conversations I have so many of you really do hate it. I also once hated it, would do a last minute throw it all in...hope for the best.. take far too much! Sound familiar?

This series of blogs combined with my recent social media reels is an attempt to hopefully make you think about it differently, begin enjoying it, start to feel smug about your minimalist packing and also reduce serious amounts of unnecessary washing along the way!

In my previous blog I chatted about building colour palette layers to make mix and match very easy based on starting with your Summer/Holiday monochrome neutral pieces and then adding a highlight colour palette of your choice.

Monochrome/Neutral palette

Possible Colour Palette Highlights

The full list of monochrome/neutral pieces I added I have listed below, these are pieces I have picked from my wardrobe based on my style and what I love but you can still use it as a basis to pick pieces from your own wardrobe that you love.

You may have some pieces missing or want to add into what you already have so I thought I would pick close alternatives to my base holiday capsule wardrobe to help you with that process.

  1. Crochet Top

  2. Monochrome Short Dress

  3. Cream Cami Top

  4. Black Denim Shorts

  5. Cream Waistcoat

  6. Bleach Wash Denim Shorts

  7. Crochet Kaftan

  8. Monochrome Long Dress

  9. Cream Biased Skirt

  10. Striped Stretch Dress

The Crochet Top

A big trend this season in all styles and cannot be ignored and is just great teamed with all things denim, shorts, skirts, jeans! Here's a couple of options that caught my eye:

The Monochrome Short Dress

Monochrome works for everyone and blends into a capsule wardrobe so well! It means you can put either neutral accessories and footwear with it or have fun with adding your highlight colour, both will work. Here's some available on the high street right now:

The Cream Cami Top

This is a wardrobe staple and will work hard for both your holiday wardrobe and everyday wardrobe so here are some options to consider:

The Black Denim Shorts

Another staple that will work hard all Summer is the black denim short, best advice I can give you is to order a size up as well as your usual size. With shorts you never want them too fitted and I would always recommend they are slightly more relaxed to ensure you have that confidence to wear them.

The Cream Waistcoat

I've fallen in love with the waistcoat this season. I got mine from Vinted so don't forget you can always search up these options preloved too!

The Bleach Denim Shorts

I recently picked mine up in Primark and I love this style as the leg opening is really wide so no digging into the thighs! These are great for both pool side or the evening! I suggest once you have worn them for a couple of evenings you can then use them round the pool!

The Crochet Kaftan

Another crochet piece in that holiday capsule wardrobe! It doesn't have to be crochets it could just be a simple white, cream or black kaftan of your choice! They are a great layering piece over swimwear and also denim shorts.

The Monochrome Long Dress

This is a great option for a sophisticated and understated look! A monochrome maxi dress in your wardrobe will prove to be a staple and so don't think twice about investing in it as it will last for season after season!

The Cream Skirt

I love a cream skirt, so many top options to go with it, light and breezy and a very cooling colour! Here are some options for you to consider:

The Striped Dress

Its a classic, it can be fitted, it can be loose, it can long, it can be short. Go for a style that works for you! Here are some options:

Having these pieces as part of your holiday capsule wardrobe will actually be more than enough but of course its great fun layering in your high light colour palette to really get the mix and matching at maximum potential! Please share what colour palette you like to go for as it could inspire others!

Hope this goes someway to making a more pleasant packing experience!

If you need any help with your holiday packing then why not contact me to take the stress away! I will help you outfit plan, minimalize your packing and ensure you can just relax and enjoy your holiday!

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