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The Final Touches!

The accessories available to add to your outfit are sometimes the most overlooked item, yet can be the easy wins to level up your style that day! Accessories can be added to the plainest of outfits or an outfit already full of colour and print so you cant really go wrong! Here I want to show you my accessory picks you can shop to add that extra detail to your outfit each and every day. No excuses ladies!


I absolutely love a necklace and never feel as though my outfit is complete unless I have added that last accessory! They work great with a basic casual tee all the way through to a smarter blouse, with it snuggled just under the collar! It's a simple accessory we regularly forget about but normally finishes your look perfectly! Ensure to have them easily accessible and not tangled away so complete ease of grab and go before home schooling, the zoom meet or when off to do the food shop! Here's my faves for you to tap and shop:


It is without doubt that we all need to become more confident with tucking more and showing off the fantastic shapes we have as opposed to hiding the things people really do not notice as much as you! So, with more tucking in we need to start adding belts, which is a great way to add colour, print and detail to your outfit! It may sneak a peek between a long cardi, kimono or coat or be on full show with jeans or a dress. Belts also look great worn with a skirt and tee to tidy the join appearance! Don't forget, belts shouldnt be worn just to be functional, they can be such a fab accessory to add to finish off the overall look! Here's 6 of my faves:

Gucci Belt, £330.00, River Island Belt, £18.00, Accessorize Animal Print, £18.00,


During lockdown 1.0 I really discovered the headband! Mainly due to the fact that as an owner of a pixie cut I regularly cut my hair to keep it short but lack of hair cuts meant requirement was needed to tame my hair and keep it in some sort of style! My husband did attempt to trim it and I think it was that moment that left me reaching for the headbands as a distraction to my hair! I haven't looked back and have found myself addicted to the variety on offer, whether it be added sparkle or bold colours! Its like popping on a crown to help you achieve your goals for the day! It's just about finding a style that suits you so it can sometimes be a case of trial and error. I am better with flatter styles as my hair is so short and my head quite small, but if you are blessed with fuller hair you could go for the more dramatic higher style headbands! Here are some of my current faves:


It's still (can't believe I am saying this) the time of the Zoom meet, so another accessory that will gain attention on the Zoom meetings and finish your look is earrings! I am a classic hoop girl! It's another accessory that I literally wear with everything! What has been your earring of choice recently? I do actually hate it when I realise I have left the house without them in! Maybe it's another short hair thing but they do give me that added security! For those with longer hair, earrings are great for the days you just want to scrape it back and not bother styling it, as some fabulous earrings will distract from any unwanted hair attention! Here's some of my faves for you to browse:


Everyone should have a brooch as it is a really easy win to bring some glamour to a very simple outfit! You can pin them to coats, tops, scarves, hats and even pin them to bags too! I am a huge fan of finding these at boot sales or charity shops as you can find some gorgeous unique pieces and get them for great price! I love to pin them to denim jackets and get so many compliments on them. Great for adding to your wardrobe basics! Sadly, charity shops still remain closed and boots sales aren't happening so here's my fave finds online for now, I did sneak one in from Oxfam Online Shop though!

ASOS Brooch, £8.00, Oxfam Preloved, £5.99, Gucci Brooch, £295.00

So ladies, if you want some quick wins to up your everyday style then hopefully some of these suggestions take your fancy! Accessories add a touch of glam, a pinch of confidence and a considered difference to all your outfits, so make today the day you start getting them out and adding them to your look! Even if it is your lounge top!!!

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