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The Christmas Jumper, that isn't a Christmas Jumper!!!

We all love to get in the festive spirit and this year more so than ever as quite frankly its been a pretty flat 2020 for obvious reasons!

The year started on such a high for me, as I turned 40 and milked my celebrations with posh meals, a party and then family holiday, you remember the ones where we could be more than 6 humans, more than 2 families and where we could hug and sit next to each other! Then boom, Covid hit and life as we know changed.....dramatically!

Anyhow, whatever happens, Christmas will still exist, sparkles will still sparkle, mince pies will still be eaten and the Christmas jumper will still be worn! Now, I like a Christmas jumper as much as the next person, but I'm not a huge fan of the all singing, all dancing numbers know, the battery operated light up ones, the ones full of pom poms and the ones where you press a button and the Jingle Bells blares out at you! Lets save them for the kids folks! Matchy matchy PJs I think are fun, but as we strip off and dress up for the day, we need a bit of glam and cosy combined!

I'm not saying we can't still have Christmas Jumper fun, I'm just sharing my tips to making it a slightly different tone, and one that you will wear more than just one day a year!!!!

So, here's my pick of some fun festive jumpers that will have some longevity pre and post Christmas day and where you wont look back on the photos and cringe!!!! Enjoy!

Embellished Delights

Sometimes just a little added embellishment is the perfect touch, not too glitzy, not too trendy, not too much, just enough for a bit of glam and sparkle. Teamed with a fuller sleeve this is a gorgeous piece to team with your comfy jeans. Here's my fave picks:

Fair Isle Fancies

If you want something with a slightly more obvious nod to Christmas then a Fair Isle pattern is a great choice, as this design always come back each year! Its a Winter fave, a classic design and a great way to wear a colourful knit, either tonal or bold. Great with leather look trousers to avoid feeling too twee! Here's my fave picks:

Sequin Sparkle

I think after the year we have had we all absolutely need some sparkle to lift everyone's spirits and if you can wear something that's going to make everyone smile then sequins are the way forward. You can go all out sequins, tonal sequins, rainbow sequins or a hint of sequins, it all counts! If you fancy a more subtle hint of sparkle then reach for the knit with a Lurex thread through, I've picked a black and bronze version below. Here's my faves:

Cosy Cuddly Knits

When your snuggling and relaxing over the festive period sometimes you just want some knitwear that is oversized and snuggly, so there's always the option to keep it plain and go for colour and texture. Just a tip, with the bigger, heavier, hunkier knits try and avoid hanging these. Over time they will grow and stretch on the hanger, gaining unwanted length! Ensure to fold them to keep them the same size as when you bought them! Heres my picks:

So, you can wear a fun, colourful, sparkly festive piece of knitwear this Christmas without dusting down the cheesy novelty number!!!! But as a reminder these are the types of ones ones to avoid!!!! Just saying!!!

Clockwise from top left: H&M, £17.99, H&M, £17.99, Next, £30.00

If you need help finding the perfect piece of knitwear, or outfit selections this Christmas then contact me for details on my Look Books for a selection that can be dropped into your Inbox for some easy online shopping!

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