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Juicy Brights

With a new season comes a new colour palette and I know the world is feeling really quite grey right now (yet again) however, there is no reason to dress that way. We need to do all we can to keep the mood elevated for ourselves and those around us and dressing in colour and can go some way towards doing just that!

The Spring Summer catwalks back in September were bursting with bright colours and the palettes represented the brightest of shades from dawn to dusk in juicy neon brights! It was about dressing head to toe, whether it be day or night, in colour! Why not? It's scientifically proven to be good for us so that's a green light to taking steps to adding colour into your wardrobe and everyday style!

Images taken from Vogue

I can confidently say that in the colour palettes coming through from the catwalk to the shops there is a shade and colour for everyone to enjoy so there really are no excuses! It's a great time to try something new, try clashing them a bit and just have fun with it! Don't take it too seriously and don't shy away because of any colour rules.

I have shared in my recent trend presentations that the key pieces to ensure you have in your wardrobe this season and I really encouraged everyone to introduce a juicy bright into their wardrobe as a key S/S piece. Whether it be a piece of clothing, an accessory or something on your feet, my kind instruction to you is to try and consciously buy into some brightly coloured!

Read ahead for some inspiration of colourful piece's to invest in. Remember to first check your wardrobe to see if you have anything close to what is below as we love to shop our wardrobes first, think about preloved too and then if you still haven't found that special piece then think about buying something new to try!

Images taken from Vogue

What colour will you go for?

Punchy Pinks

Pink still seems to be a stand out colour from the rainbow palettes popping up in the ranges in the shops right now and I honestly believe it's a gorgeous colour for everyone to enjoy! Pink represents love and kindness and it's safe to say these vibes are needed amoungst us all right now. Its a lovely injection of vibrancy into your wardrobe and I've shared below some of my favourite pink finds for you to enjoy right now!

Tap on anything you like to take you to that item online for more images and ease of shopping!

Opulent Orange

Orange, the colour of joy, happiness and bright sunsets! I actually love it clashed with the bright pinks of the above but it is just as fabulous on its own! Whether it be a block colour item or a hint of the colour within the print it is great to add to any of your existing outfits. Designers referred to the palettes on the catwalks as a "visual dose of Vitamin D" and orange is that critical colour to give you just the dose you need! I wont lie, it can be a tricky colour to wear but if you don't give it a try you will surely not know! Bold colours do not always need to be worn next to your face so if that's making you nervous then you can think about your bottom half, accessories and nail colours as an alternative!

Here's some pieces that stood out to me!

Glorious Green

That glorious apple green was a popular choice throughout A/W and I am so pleased it is back with all its vibrancy in Spring/Summer. It's such a gorgeous pop of colour with your everyday essentials and suits most complexions and hair colours. It also works well with both gold and silver jewellery so I would say this is the most versatile and commercial colour to try. Green can be found amongst most of our high street favourites and I am pleased to report they are covering alot of shades for you to pick from.

Here are some of my faves....I mean that bag! Swoon!

Tantalizing Turquoise

I love a bit of turquoise in my wardrobe colour palette, maybe because it represents wisdom, but also because it brings tranquillity and hope so perhaps good for big events and meetings! It's a great alternative to blue and navy which are colours you may find yourself regularly reaching for. If any of the bold colours make you a little nervous then why not go for a different shade of something you are already comfortable in. The colour still works with blue jeans too!

Here are some of my favourite Turquoise finds on the high street right now!

Radiant Red

As well as being a colour that can represent danger or fear, red also helps to make you feel happy, full of passion and courage. It's a great power colour and if you are nervous to wear it in your clothing I always recommend a great red lipstick to wear to show you mean business! It's amazing what a great red lipstick can do and I have been told there is a red lipstick shade for all skin colours and tones. I had never touched red lipstick until 2009 (age 29) as I felt it was too bold and bright for me, until I dressed up as Amy Winehouse at a fancy dress party! I was never going to maintain the hair style (!) but that red lipstick never left my make up bag!! I rarely go without a bright lip colour now! Its so empowering and lifts my skin tone no matter how grey it may look or feel!

Here's some of my fave red finds.

So, hopefully some of these delights have inspired you to inject some colour into your wardrobe! Be brave and order some pieces and try them in the comfort of your own home! Colour can do wonders for your mood and for the mood of those around you. It can increase your confidence, evoke emotions and make you more productive. Hopefully, you are drawn to a particular colour to give a go!

If it is something that still overwhelms you yet you would like to try then why not let me help you and suggest some items to try via a Mini Look Book or Personal Shop, click here to see my full range of services.

Now make sure the next thing you wear or buy is super colourful!

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