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Bootylicious Boots!!!

I will take great pleasure in packing away my nail polishes as we have officially hit boot season, so I no longer need to top up my chipped toe nails and can whip on my cosiest socks ahead of stepping into my stomping boots!

I love getting my boots back out the wardrobe and I certainly have a mixture that I have built up over time, my knee high lifers, my vintage cowboys, my Spring sale bikers and my comfy hikers turned fashion must have! I've pretty much got them all in some form, new and old, and I've likely got a suitable pair to cover my wardrobe winter outfits, but what should you be hunting out of your wardrobe or investing in this Winter? Read on to see what the key styles are this season and my fave finds for each!

Biker Boots

The chunkier the better! Last A/W they hit the high street in a big way and they are certainly here to stay this Winter! There are so many reasons why you should invest in a Biker boot, the main being, they are flat and comfortable! Sold! They are also a fantastic boot for taking glam, girly dresses and skirts, that I hope you aren't saving for best, into everyday wear! Personally I like my biker boot to be full of studs and sparkles but that isn't for the faint hearted! However, these Office Leather Boots, £89, are a great wardrobe essential and will live on for a couple more season!

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots have been around for a hell of a lot longer than you or I and so buying some of these will never be a wasted investment! They are so much fun, full of character and versatile with your wardrobe! If you are someone who really doesn't want to step away from the blue skinnies then I say these are a must for a wow statement piece! The best bit about Cowboy boots is they can be a bargain, as I would say buy nothing other than vintage or second-hand! These beauties from The Oxfam Shop, £100, are on my wish list, not quite the bargain I paid for my vintage cowboy boots but you can see why they have the price tag!! Be sure to check out your local charity shops for a beaten up pair!

Knee High Wonders

Nothing oozes elegance as much as a knee high boot and in my mind this is ultimate power dressing for the female. They may kill your feet by the end of the day but totally utterly worth it! It is!!!! They go over skinny jeans, they go under flared jeans, they go under skirts, dresses and culottes, so they go with loads! All I would say for now, is there isn't much need for formality so I'd recommend these slouchy numbers from Zara, £95.99, in Khaki. Don't forget to spray them in leather protector before wearing them out, something I recommend for all leather footwear and bags!

Track Sole Boots

The no nonsense, no fuss, ultimate comfort boot! These are similar to my old season H&M boots in my recent Insta post! Love them! Again, can be worn with skinnies, but also will dress down any glam skirt or dress! If you don't want high heels, not a fan of the bright fussy laces, have no interest in biker studded beasts and do not want to enter the cowboy world then these are probably for you! You will not regret investing in these, there's nothing not to like and these H&M Chelsea Boots, £29.99, are quite frankly a bargain! Act quick!

Welly Fun

Considering it has literally rained solidly for the past 60hrs, it goes without saying we all need a pair of wellingtons in our wardrobe! If you are a dog owner then they are an essential! However, lets make them fashion darling, so ensure they are wellies that can be seen! Try and go for the brightest colour you can find or the boldest print you are brave to take on.....clashing to the extreme is welcome here too! I have played it safe with my fave find and here I recommend my forever wish list posh welly! The Dubarry Boot, £329, is a considered investment but they are super special! When we live in England the rain has to have some perks and these are just that! Justified!

So you are hopefully feeling more focused on your boot of choice this season. The trends and choices are endless and there is absolutely something for everyone! If you need my help narrowing that down to a boot that will work with your lifestyle and your wardrobe then contact me and I will be more than willing to help you on your boot journey!

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