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The Trench Coat!

I know we didn't have the best Summer and could have possibly worn jackets throughout but this week has been the first week I have genuinely felt cold for a while! It's also been quite wet too, we seem to have long dry spells and then the heavens open and the downpours feel like a shock to the system!

So, this week has definitely felt like a temperature where we need to reach for that extra layer. It's not quite cold enough for a full on wool coat so what is that transitional layer we should be reaching for.........easy......The Trench Coat! It's an old favourite, a wardrobe staple, always an investment and an absolute capsule wardrobe must!

The Trench Coat originates from World War 1 where it was made from heavy duty waterproof fabric and worn within the trenches to keep officers dry, hence the name. The idea is that it is a coat to protect you from the showers but isn't too heavy for when the temperature is still quite mild. They are great for commuting to work in, wearing on the school run and general everyday styling. It is a style of outerwear that never dates and versions of it come out across the high street every year. Occasionally they have a slight twist on the traditional style but for me The Trench Coat is like the The biker Jacket, it is a purchase made for the long term. Based on this I would suggest you avoid anything with extra detail or too much of a twist on the traditional style as this will just result in it feeling dated earlier than it should as this type of garment should be a wardrobe lifer!

Images taken from Pinterest

The Trench Coat is such a versatile piece you could team it with a very casual outfit, such as hoodie, leggings and trainers, all the way through to wide leg smart trousers and blouse, with all the jeans, skirts and dresses in between.

I have seen so many out in the shops already, some having already sold out, but I have done collection of some of my faves below...the traditional style but also some variations and colour options! Hopefully something will catch your eye and everything is linked so click on the description below the images to take you to the garment online.

The Traditional Trench

It tends to be a beige colour, mid length, double breasted and belted with epaulette and storm flap design features. I always look at the small detail in these types of garments too and for me they look best with a mock horn type button, so brown in colour. Here are some options I love right now. Remember, you can tie it at the front for warmth or if you prefer it to be open to create shape ensure you tie it quite tightly at the back.

The Coloured Trench

Traditionally the Trench would be a form of Natural, Beige, Tan or Camel but there are now more colours on offer. I do actually have a Khaki colour myself which I love. It's neutral enough to go with so much in my wardrobe and being a busy working Mum the darker colour is 100% more practical for me! Pre kids I did once own a Camel trench and I wore it lots and loved it lots but as with all our wardrobes it changed as my lifestyle did. If I still had that colour it may still be hanging in my wardrobe unworn but now I have Khaki I wear it all the time, just don't look closely at it! Here are some alternative colours I am loving right now, wow that Hush quick!

The Leather Trench

Not something I have considered before but it is popping up lots, The Leather Trench! There is so much leather and faux leather around this season so if you fancy something slightly more substantial than the leather biker this season then why not consider The Leather Trench Coat. I am particularly loving the chocolate colours and what an incredible investment. These are all real leather but pop faux leather into the search bar of the retailers you love and they may have an option for you.

The Shorter Trench

Not everyone likes a long trench so the good news is there are plenty of cropped options available too or Petite so I have shared a couple of Petite options below but also shorter styles that work just as well as a transitional layer. This Oasis one stood out as I loved the embroidery detail but please remember that although this is cute you may want a new option in a couple of seasons time.

The Curve Trench

There is a Trench Coat available to everyone so as well as Petite there are some great Curve options to pick from as well! As I mentioned earlier its important to create shape with The Trench Coat so if you are not wearing it tightly tied at the front ensure to tie it at the back to create shape through your figure.

The Preloved Trench

Of course you cannot forget about looking at Preloved Options! Always! If any of these take your fancy then why not search them up on Vinted, pop in your search for "Trench Coat" then filter by things like size, brand, colour and see what it throws up. A tip for you, never ever pay the first price, even if it seems great, have fun with a bit of negotiation, they can only say no!

Happy Trench shopping!

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