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Gym Wear! Make It Fun!

I believe that the outfit you reach for in the morning sets your mood and mindset for the day ahead whatever your challenge may be! Putting on the right outfit can make you confident, productive and successful. Trust me, it works, and what's also great is that outfit you choose doesn't just impact your mood but it really can impact the mood of those that see you in it and triggers a knock on effect of considered outfit selections first thing!

Now, we all know January is a month to declutter, get rid of negative things and thoughts, reset the mind and body and perhaps set some goals for the year ahead and I can guarantee that for a majority reading this blog somewhere within those goals will be, "to get healthier", "to do more exercise", "start running more" or "I am definitely going to try a new form of exercise this year"! We all do it and it's just ensuring you set realistic goals to enjoy and achieve, but I am not hear to chat about what those goals are I am hear to tell you that you will smash them if you wear the right outfit.

If your gym wear is black, lots it's elasticity, tired and of total disinterest to you is that really going to motivate you to put it on and get productive and active? Categorically no! If that gym wear is colourful, exciting, full of print and cheer will it motivate you to put it on? Hell yeah!

When my clients are nervous about adding too much colour into their everyday or work wardrobe I encourage them to start building their confidence through their exercise clothes. Everyone tends to do something, whether it's walking the dog, running, Pilates, aerobics, all this counts. Therefore, lets make the clothes you do this a lot more fun, a bit more like you want to actually reach for them and be active in them and yes that does include walking the dog, this is active exercise and your dog walking wardrobe should be fun, a mood lifter and a conversation starter.

When you begin to notice the impact of your mood and the mood of others and your productivity through wearing colour and print and things of excitement it will build your confidence to edge it into your everyday wardrobe and do you want to know the good news? Most of this exciting gym wear you have invested in can be worn in your everyday style just teamed with other things! I recently did a reel to showcase exactly that. With anything when you invest in your wardrobe you want to be able to wear those pieces multiple ways and that includes your gym wear.

So, to make it really simple for you I have shared some of the more fun and exciting gym wear out there and actively encourage you to go for it. It does have to be everything, it can be just one or 2 things to start and then as I always say if you do not want to buy new then why not try and search similar pieces preloved online. I would be really shocked if someone came back and told me "Lisa, it didn't work!" It will and you will love it!

Now I cant wait to see brightly dressed legs running the streets of Hertfordshire! Lets do it bright, lets make it fun!

I have a few Sweaty Betty pieces and although quite a high price point the quality is guaranteed, I love all the pieces I have and they have such a fun vibe and they do lots of offers to be taken advantage of too! If you get on their mailing list you can get early access to reduced prices.

H&M is great value and I have always been happy with the quality. I love these pieces as although not bright colours I love the deep richness of the berry and think it'll look fab teamed with the gold puffa and the leg warmers! Makes it quite fun! I have a metallic gold puffa I wear to Bounce, it's Topshop via a charity shop in Whitstable and I get so many comments on it!

If you know me from social media you will know for a long time that I am M&S's biggest fan! I love their clothing, footwear, lingerie and also their gym wear! I am regularly trying and reviewing it with clients and its fab, great quality and great value! Also a point to note is they now stock Sweaty Betty on their website so something to think about if you get M&S gift vouchers!

Tikiboo was created by a husband and wife team and was born out of owner Faye's frustrations of not being able to find fun and exciting gym wear! It just demonstrates how much we want it to be just as good and exciting as our everyday wear! They have such a huge selection of designs available and cater from a size 4 to a size 26 which is fantastic. They also have mini me pieces for kids too! Fun!

Lululemon is lovely simple pieces, I really love their unitards but they need to up the stock levels on those as so many were sold out, proving they are popular! The brand is well known for being used in Yoga Flows but they have more training pieces now and everyday wear! I particularly like the bright water bottle! A great addition to your work out wardrobe!

So, hopefully this inspires you to up you gym wear game and enjoy wearing it! Even if it is just to head to the shops or on the dog walk it's exciting to make it colourful and full of pieces that you really want to wear! Make it so that you want to reach for it and get your body moving and ditch the saggy black stuff that makes you feel miserable!

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