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Holiday Dressing

Holiday packing can sometimes be a mine field when you are crazy busy with work, life and family! Also, throw in the fact that we haven't really packed to go abroad for nearly 3 years and you are left not knowing what high Summer pieces you even had, let alone what to pack!!!!

Ideally you want to pack as minimal as possible to ensure that everything you take you do actually wear, to also reduce the amount of washing you come home with and to also ensure that your holiday wardrobe can double up as your summer dressing at home, this keeps it simple, they do not have to be separate styles!

Your Summer dressing on holiday should be able to overlap with your everyday Summer dressing at home and the reason I highlight this is so many clients really do save all the colourful, fun print pieces for holiday like they have a separate personality! Why not wear some of these pieces when we have warm weather and fun occasions at home, its like dresses, stop saving them for best and have fun with them everyday and every location!

By changing your mindset to this Summer holiday vs home dressing it all contributes to the management of the amount of pieces we have in our wardrobe and management of that valuable space that I talk about so frequently! It ensures that everything we buy into has a real purpose and multiple ways to wear it! Not just on holiday but at home too!

I thought I'd put together a bit of a holiday capsule wardrobe for you, so key things that are great to own for both your Summer dressing and for packing away for holiday. It may not be these exact items but it may help you to pull out key pieces you already own to pack or focus your shopping on what you really believe is missing and you want to add to both your holiday wardrobe and your stay at home

Summer wardrobe! Everything is linked within the descriptions so click on anything you like to shop online!

The Sun Hat

A sun hat is essential as both a fashion accessory but also to keep the hot sun off of your head if you are out in it everyday, all day! It will also protect the skin on your face too in addition to that factor 50! I always recommend wearing it to travel in to get the holiday glamour kick started at the airport and that way it doesn't get crushed in your suit case! There are some gorgeous ones about and here's a couple of you to consider:

The Swimwear

So much to choose from on the high street but the key thing here is that you are comfortable in what you choose to wear! As with my shorts I always tend to try a size up in swimwear as I do not want it pinching at my hips or under my bust so I do prefer to go bigger, remember, no one sees the size label! Personally I love a swimsuit or a big knicker bikini but regardless of the shape or style I want it to be bright and fun so I actually want to wear it! I am particularly loving the New Look offer right now and the prices are great! I like to see who has taken inspiration from Boden as I love what they offer too. I do avoid spending too much though as with all the sun cream and chlorine my swim wear always takes a real battering! Here are some pieces that have stood out to me so far!

The Dress

You cannot go without a glamourous dress to pack for your holidays, great for a day trip out but for evening cocktails too. Don't forget though, with your evening outfits you do not wear them for that long, so there is no shame in re wearing some of your items whilst on holiday, you really do not need your outfit to be different every evening. It means less packing, less washing and less evening outfit decisions to make! Wear it again proudly! If its gorgeous give it lots of outings! Here are a few dresses I am loving right now but frankly we are spoilt for choice!

The Shorts

Many wardrobes will have some denim shorts ready for the Summer and those holidays but it's great to have a second pair that are either a bit dressier, a different style, colour or print! They are great for teaming with your swimwear around the pool, wearing under a kimono or as part of an evening outfit as you can dress them up with some wedges or smarter sliders. As mentioned above with my swimwear, shorts I do try the size up too as I prefer them looser around my thighs and not digging in so always ensure to try a couple of sizes and go with the size you feel comfortable in and are likely to wear! Here are some shorts I am loving right now!

The Sandals

It is always really easy to pack way too many pairs of shoes for holiday but you really only need around 4 pairs and my usual selection would be, pool flip flops, smart flat sandals, smart wedges and sports trainers. I would then wear the pool flip flops or smart flat sandals to travel in, leaving me just 3 pairs to pack. Just keep your selection as neutral as possible and that way they will go with all your swimwear and all your outfits! Easy! Tan is always a good option as I feel it is softer than black and neutral to wear with all colours. Dark olive is also a consideration as a client invested in some during a recent shopping trip and we found the colour went with everything else she was trying! Here are some my more neutral current faves right now!

The Bag

I normally try and use my beach bag as my travel bag too, as its big, I can fill it with all the kids stuff, my stuff and then it means I haven't got to pack it and instead can just pop in my case an evening clutch. This just ensures my suitcase is packed as lightly as possible! There are some gorgeous beach/day bag options out there so here the the ones that have really caught my eye recently! Just a word or warning on the Anthropologie bag, its fab and it's big but you may need a secure insert inside or a little zipped pouch for your valuables as it has nothing like that within the bag itself! Always ensure your bag is safe from unwanted visitors!

So, there are some key things to think about traveling in, packing up and wearing on your holiday this year! I hope you found something you liked or it reminded you of something hanging in your wardrobe gathering dust, desperate to be worn again! Happy holidays!

If you do need help with a holiday wardrobe shop or even to pack your suitcase from what you have in your wardrobe then drop me a message and I would love to be able to help!

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