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Have you got any black jeans???

If you went and looked in your wardrobe I expect a majority of you will have a large selection of blue jeans, from your dark indigo through to your bleach wash...but have you got any black jeans??? Whether it's a rich black, washed black, faded black or nearly grey, I am really loving this shade right now! I'm not 100% sure why but I am definitely having a "jeans" moment but I always like something a little different, whether it be a colour or print, and a black wash is my go to at the moment.

It's always worth checking in on your jean collection now and then, what belongs, what no longer fits, what do you love and what is missing? Jean shopping is a challenge for so many of us, so much choice, not enough sizes, rubbish changing rooms, lack of service! It is a specialist product and before you hit the shops use what you already have to have a try on session, work out what you love and what you hate about the fits, size and wash and then use that as valuable knowledge to take shopping with you when trying new items.

As I am loving the darker denim options out there right now I thought I would do a bit of research across the high street to see what is on offer and share my fave picks for you to consider trying. Don't forget though have a quick look through your wardrobe and drawers as you may even have something that already hits the mark, you just need a little reminder to have a search and know it is already there!

I am a fan of the & Other Stories Favourite Cut jeans and they have been popular with clients! They are a great step away from the skinny without being too wide. Importantly, they are still really versatile with your footwear too. You can team these with heeled courts in the evening with a blazer and clutch, casual with trainers by day and also add a little turn up to the hem and wear with a chunky biker or Chelsea boot layered slightly underneath the jean. I have noticed they have crept up in price from £65 to £75 but they are still great value and a great fit. I've popped some outfit inspiration below for how to style these jeans.

I own quite a few pairs of H&M jeans that are bought both new and through preloved sites and I will always view their new offerings for clients as I do really like the quality and the style, they are also great value. I have shared this rich black pair that would be great for everyday style with a colourful chunky jumper, great with both boots and trainers. Don't forget that with jeans, especially black ones, you need to be washing them inside out and on a cool wash too as this will maintain their colour. I try and wash my jeans as little as possible and only if I really have to. I have popped some outfit inspiration below for how to wear these jeans for those chilly walks around the park.

I've noticed lots of pleated trousers already coming through this new season and I love how this more relaxed look is also coming through on the denim. The paperbag fit is really comfortable, especially on the hips and then the way the leg then tapers at the ankle ensures they are a flattering fit and I really like this style from Zara. You may want to try a few sizes to work out just how relaxed you want them as its not about the size of the jeans but how you want them to fit on yuor own body so its always worth trying a few, especially with Zara!!!! These are great for everyday wear or working from home, the relaxed fit of a jogger but slightly smarter to keep you away from the loungewear when you want to be more productive! Here's some outfit inspiration for you!

I had to include the Tori Waist Enhance mom style which is their best seller jean shape! Its a great fit, has proven really popular and New Look are great in trying to ensure their best selling items are available across their Petite range, Curve Range, Tall range and Maternity range too. The core range of denim also still comes in Short, Regular and Long too which I love, there arent many retailers that have this kind of size variety anymore. This style is great left either full length or you can have a play and turn up the hem too. Again a great style for Winter into Spring, to be worn with both heels and flats. I always think these are worth a try! I've created a look with some smart pumps below for a Spring look but certainly too chilly for bare ankles just now!!! These pumps are fab, very designer inspired...wink wink!!!

So, hopefully this blog will have you shopping your wardrobe with items you may already have that are similar or may have you making some new purchases of items you realise you do not have just yet but will make good use off! Everything is linked for ease of shopping and for more images! Enjoy and should you want some more outfit inspiration then book my Online Trend Presentation which is live Thursday 23rd February at 8.00pm and you can get the recording sent through if you cannot make it live! Book for space here for £18.00

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