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Fabulous in Flares!!!!!

Like many I absolutely fell in love with the BBC drama "The Serpent" based on the real life crimes of serial killer Charles Sobhraj. The storyline was at times hard to watch and the amount of sickness at times a bit hard on the stomach but it was all worth it just to see what Marie-Andree, played by the gorgeous Jenna Coleman, would be wearing each episode! Her wardrobe was styled beautifully and it has left us all lusting after the 70's fashion trend again!

I have always been a huge fan of the 70's fashion era and believe the clothes were made to work perfectly for the women's shapes with curves in all the right places! It both accentuated the curves of those that had busts and hips and offered the illusion of this shape to those that didn't so it worked for everyone!

The colour and print in the 70's was bold and brave and proves to be a popular era of fashion due to its eclectic mix of style influences and to this day it still very heavily influences the catwalk trends evident with designers such as Victoria Beckham, Chloe and Gucci! Accessories are always a key part of the everyday looks, whether it be chunky gold jewellery, eccentric patterned headscarves or oversized shades, it all compliments the outfits as that finishing touch! Very much similar to what I find myself telling you today!

I thought I'd snap shot some of my fave looks from the show that "Monique" wore and re create those looks from the high street for you to browse or even better, shop! Which is your favourite?

The Green Suit

For a while now corporate suiting has moved away from being the stuffy square grey suits for both men and women, The silhouettes have become softer and colours more fun and bold to both share personality of those wearing it and to also be infuential to decision making! I absolutely loved this suit on "Monique" as it oozed glamour, yet showed a strong women ready to do business confidently! (Click on Descriptions to take you to the items online)

The Kaftan

The absolute must for the beach is the full length Kaftan!! They are the perfect piece that is easy to slip over your head on the beach or around the pool and add such an air of glamour! It keeps you cool, works perfectly with your swimwear, doesn't cling to your suntan lotion and takes all the fear away from walking to and from the water or cocktail bar for when we are a little nervous to expose too much skin! I adored this one worn by "Monique" early on in the show, just stunning! (Click on Descriptions to take you to the items online)

The Checked Shirt

The checked shirt is a classic look with your high waisted fabulous flares! Love it! The preloved and vintage world is saturated with these shirts so if you don't mind second hand I would highly recommend you go vintage before finding new! The collar shape is more likely to be closer to that 70's look if you really want to create that 70's look! It's also like music to my ears that Denim Flares are back again! You can go shorter to wear with trainers or my preference is to brave the longer length where you can wear a heel and then they will flatter all shapes! The denim flare works with the natural shape of a woman which is just perfect! (Click on Descriptions to take you to the items online)

The 70's Headscarf

If you follow me on Insta or have read my Accessories Blog then you will know I am a fan of the headband or headscarf! They are the perfect accessory whilst the hairdressers are sadly shut too so this is a 70's look we should all be loving right now! Teamed with even the simplest outfit of jeans and tee, it adds some glamour, colour and print! Have you found the perfect one for you yet? "Monique" wore some fab ones throughout the series, both round the pool or her so called "buisness meetings"! (Click on Descriptions to take you to the items online)

So, if you have watched The Serpent and want to recreate some of "Moniques" looks this has hopefully given you some outfit inspiration for your daily walks or house chores!!! If you haven't seen it then this blog may have made you want to see what you are missing out on! Trust me, it's absolutely worth a watch but definitely not for the faint hearted! I will be sure to share more 70's inspired fashion very soon!

For any outfit inspiration support then just contact me for style advise!

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