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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

At last!!!! I have gone live with my Website!

I am frequently asked, "oh let me see your website", to which I am always ashamed to say I do not have yet!!! Ekk! Its one of those jobs, you know the one, that rolls and rolls continually on my "To Do" list and never seems to get anywhere close to crossing off!

Essentially 2 reasons why I haven't done this, 1) I am a complete technophobe yet would rather do it myself than pay way too much for someone to do and 2) By giving myself this challenge it is simply something I have never had time for!

But here it is and it felt only natural that the first one would be about, me! So, Hi, I'm Lisa and I love fashion!

If you have seen my insta story introduction you will know that my childhood was well spent on my much loved Fashion Wheel, I was glued to Sunday nights The Clothes Show and then Sex and the

City! Loved it all, so whilst at school it was no surprise that I knew my future would be somewhere in the Fashion Industry!

It was whilst watching a feature on "This Morning" that was a "A Day in the Life of a ......" feature that caught my attention! On the day i happened to see it is was "A day in the life of a fashion buyer." From that moment I was hooked and my entire focus was becoming a successful fashion buyer.

After finishing school I worked at House of Fraser in the very new Bluewater shopping centre in Kent for a year before heading off to Bournemouth University to study International Retail Business. My year placement was spent at Debenhams working on the Buying floor and it didn't disappoint! I was in my element! Noted my jobs included things like ensuring the printer always had paper, unpacking my Buyers bags, organising sample sales and having rails of clothes collapse on me, but I didn't care, I had my foot firmly in the door and I loved it! I also met some amazing friends during that year placement who I am still in touch with today! Such a credit to the amazing people I worked with!

After university I continued my career at Debenhams, moving up the ranks to Senior Buyer! At times it was really tough, I worked ridiculous long hours, gave my heart and soul to everything I did and many days was an emotional wreck, but I guess that comes with the territory of doing a job you love!

During my time there I travelled to so many destinations that I dearly miss now, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Bangladesh, India, China, Hong Kong, Mauritius. When I was in Mauritius amongst all the honeymooners I had to pinch myself I was actually being paid to be there!

Sharing all this though does bring my great heart break though as many of my friends who were still there until very recently suddenly find themselves out of work with no package despite giving most of their life on this planet to that business! I cannot believe that very soon the high street will probably be without Debenhams, the department store that launch Designers at Debenhams where consumers felt the excitement of buying into designer brands at affordable high street prices.

I actually left Debenhams January 2018 after I decided I wanted to give Style with Wisdom my full focus as a career I could still love and also work around the 2 minis I produced! It felt like the right time and I am glad now to have done it sooner rather than later.

I launched Style with Wisdom back in May 2013 when my first little boy was born, I mean that's what maternity leave is for, right? Launching your first business whilst riding the waves of all your emotions as you navigate motherhood with no real clue of what you are doing! Wow, new born bubbles are hard to navigate full stop aren't they? That's why it was so important I started the business then as I was in the thick of a style crisis myself but fashion was the only thing I ever knew, it had been my life, my work, my love and all of a sudden I'd produced this baby and my style mojo had left the building! It was like I didn't care anymore and didn't give myself any time to think about me at all anymore! Launching Style with Wisdom and qualifying as a Stylist and Shopper was all about getting myself back on the style wagon too, like self therapy. I wanted to prove to myself and to so many others that just because you have a baby you still deserve to give yourself time and care in how you dress. You can still be a mum and look good! You may have sick down your winning outfit but who cares! Its a winning outfit, no one will notice the sick!

So this is where I totally love my job now! I work with my clients from all backgrounds, of all sizes, with all varying budgets and show them how they can all look completely fabulous, whether your holding the baby or holding your company's yearly financial budgets. Whatever your plans for the day ahead, do them in style! No excuses!

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