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Wear the colour!!!

The best advice I can give you about colour is to wear the colour you are drawn to, what catches your eye and what you feel good in! Remember, fashion and style isn't about rules, that's boring! It's about how your clothes make you feel, do you feel good, do you feel confident, does the colour and outfit make you want to go and smash you day?????

If it doesn't then that is your gut telling you, you are wearing the wrong colour and wrong outfit. If you feel good, the feeling of confidence will come and its a game changer, you hold yourself differently, you are more productive, you are social and engaging with people inside and outside of work.

My recent reel also demonstrates that there are so many different ways you can wear colour. You do not have to be head to toe in it (although I would love that) but start with ensuring something about your outfit that day is a bright and bold colour, even if its your nails! Since I started having fun with my nail designs by the talented Beauty By Em (and not making sure they would match my potential outfits) they have been such a talking point, I get stopped and asked about them, they are noticed whatever I may doing, it generates positive conversations, happy conversations which in itself is a mood lifter! I bet when you have worn colour it has generated some form of conversation with a friend or even a total stranger!

As the new season starts to hit down for Spring I am very pleased to report that the colour palettes are still bright and bold and there is so much to choose from so there is absolutely a colour, a shade, a style of clothing to suit everyone.....YES EVERYONE! You included!

Here's a bit of a round up of some of my favourite colours and some new pieces in stores but as always use this blog to inspire you to shop your wardrobe and shop preloved as well as shopping new!


The colour red is considered one of the most emotional colours to wear and I feel when I wear it it always evokes reactions and conversations and makes me feel quite assertive! Red is associated with power and confidence so a great colour to wear when you have a day when you really want to achieve something, never underestimate the power of a red lipstick that's for sure!

Here's some great ways to wear Red right now!


It's recommended you wear green for luck and for when you want to feel calm too so it can bring balance to your mood if added to your outfit. There is a lot of bright green around right now and it has been in many ranges for the past 3 seasons. The brighter the better I say and it is another colour that always generates chat and positive comments too! It's a stand out colour and if you are newvous about adding it to your clothing then a scarf or bag is just as effective.

Here's some great ways to wear it right now:


Lilac is a newer predominant colour for Spring Summer this season and I have already seen a lot of it about! The colour represents spirituality and tranquility, it's a softer colour than the red and green I mention above so great if you want to add some colour to your wardrobe but in a more subtle way. I do not have this colour existing my wardrobe at all yet so this may be something I focus on for my shopping list this season to stop me reaching for the same colours!

Here are some lilac pieces out there to enjoy:


Pink is seen as a kind, soft and nurturing colour and is here for another season. It really has been unavoidable the last year and it was great to see such a bright colour still so prominent in Autumn Winter! This season it appears to be around in all shades and not just the hot pink that has been the stand out shade so far! Of course this colour does represent love as well and Valentines is just around the corner! I love clashing red and pink together! Another old fashioned rule that is so much more fun when broken! If you are nervous about styling the clash of colour yourself there are plenty of pieces out there that have done it for you.

Here are some gorgeous pink pieces I have spied:

I hope that there is some colourful inspiration here for you to shop direct or a memory jog of what you have in your wardrobe! Remember style and colour is there to have fun with, wear what you love and what feels great, don't overthink it! If ever you need some help to be more confident with trying something new then why not book a personal shop with me here.

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