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Style Inspiration for 2022!

I love the start of a new year, it is the perfect time to reset, learn from the year before and take forward lessons for the year ahead. I am here to get you focused on your fashion, style and shopping choices for the year ahead as i honestly believe you should feel excited by your wardrobe everyday, enjoy getting dressed and start your day in the right mood with the right outfit.

I will continue to be sharing all my tips and tricks throughout the year over on my Style with Wisdom Insta page but I wanted to give you a head start and pop down some thoughts for some things to consider for yourself going forward. So, grab a cuppa (or glass of fizz if you have spared yourself from dry January) and enjoy the below read taking notes along the way!

As always I have linked all the gorgeous pieces found that you can shop directly just clicking or tapping on the image! Enjoy!

1) Inject some colour into your life!

We all have the colours we are comfortable wearing and whether you are shopping online or browsing the shops for feel its always very easy to be drawn to the colours we currently wear and feel safe wearing, but why add more of the same to your wardrobe? Mix it up a bit, try something new, there will be no harm to anyone in taking this risk and it may make shopping fun and exciting, it may get you excited about visiting that wardrobe every morning.

With many of the wardrobes edits I do my clients will usual say before me...."wow i have so much navy don't I"....."I seem to just buy black in everything don't I"........"I don't seem to have any colour in my wardrobe do I?"

As soon as you give yourself time to review what you have you learn yourself the mistakes you are making and immediately know the first thing you need and want to do is add some colour, its just breaking a habit and ensuring you start investing in it more and most importantly wearing it!

"But shouldn't I be sticking to my colours?" I can hear some of you saying. Yes, there are absolutely certain colours that work best with our skintone, but with all colours there are varying shades and your skintone changes throughout the year, I can sometimes adjust my lipstick shades and colour between winter and summer as my skin tone categorically changes! Not all clothes sit directly against your face either so if you love red but feel the colour drains the colour in your face then wear red trousers if you love the colour, or red shoes, as if it brings you joy and cheer you should categorically be wearing and not told not too!! There are always rules but as I like to say, rules at times are for breaking (as long as its legal and colour wearing is!) and they occasionally need manipulating if it brings out your confidence and makes you feel great!

If you try and stick to the rules too much when shopping that's when it can become a chore, frustrating and like nothing is there for you. Shop and try on what you are drawn to, what you always wanted to try and not what people tell you you should be wearing.

To get you started with some colour here are some pieces I found for you to try! Enjoy!

2. Introduce preloved into your wardrobe.

If you already follow me on social media you know how much I love to shop preloved, whether it be from vintage stores, charity shops, Depop, preloved shopping sites or Instagram! Oh my word, the choice of preloved shopping is now immense and is fast becoming the fastest growing way to shop! I love it!

Shopping preloved is kind on the environment, kind on your purse and you can find some fab unique pieces! It also makes you feel great to give an unwanted item of clothing a lovely new wardrobe home! This year my family even switched up our "Secret Santa" gifts to be preloved. It was so much fun seeing what everyone had sourced for the £20.00 budget and I got loads I loved! Don't forget preloved is open to so much more than clothing, but accessories, footwear, kitchen essentials, sports goods, toys, books! We are definitely doing the same next year and I can already sense it may get quite competitive to see who can actually source the best stock for the secret Santa sack which may need to be bigger next year!

I know many of you may have already switched it up to include more preloved shopping already, as i get so many messages sharing what great finds you have got for great prices and had never considered it before, but for those who may be new to it here's some pieces I found on some various preloved sites, however if you tap to shop you will have to be quick as they are one of a kind! Enjoy!

3) Dress in the trends for yourself for now!

At the start of the year it is easy to set ourselves unrealistic goals that bring our moods down when we fail at them. I can see many people are encouraging us to have resolutions where we must love ourselves more for who we are now as opposed to trying to be smaller, fitter, prettier, younger! If we all start loving ourselves more for now and having fun with our fashion in the body we are now in, it will be a whole lot more fun and do you know what, I'd say its an easier challenge that trying to make ourselves something we are not!

So don't wait to try the new colours, try the new trends or to start dressing up and being seen. Do it now, have fun with fashion, have fun with new shapes and new styles as it may not be your body you need to change, it may just be your style and rediscovering a love of clothes. I think we have all massively learnt that mindset needs to change before the physical change should or even will change. You can change yourself physically but mentally maybe still feel challenged, so lets start with your mindset and start shopping differenlty.

Here's some shapes and trends that are coming through for the new transitional season that you may have not considered before. It may just what you need to start building your style confidence and to start encouraging yourself to try new things, to search for something different online or take something you wouldn't normally into the fitting the room. Not everything will work and that's fine but you are beginning to make that change and learn more about what doesn't work and what does.

Anything you love tap and click and it'll take you to that item online for more images and ease of shopping! Enjoy!


Leather Look Pieces

Bold Large Scale Prints


Knitted Pieces

Colourful Cardis

Everyday Dresses

4) Familiarise yourself with your wardrobe!

I really should have said this first but before you hit the shops for new or preloved you really really must sanity check what you already have. You know I love a wardrobe edit, whether it's editing yours or editing my own and its the best place to shop as it doesn't cost any money!!!

Before you know what to invest in you need to know what you have, what you are missing, what you really need and if you need anything at all! It will focus your shopping mind and avoid that risk of impulse buying and wasting money!

Wardrobe edits are my most popular service so if you would like help in 2022 sorting through what you have and what amazing outfits we can create from what you have and we will create a focus shopping lost of anything you need. You will always be surprised by the items you find, what you forgot you had and the variety that can be created from just single pieces!

Any questions always feel free to contact me! However, my final word to be for you to take into 2022 is that fashion and style is there to be enjoyed for everyone, whatever your age, size or budget. I know there is categorically something for everyone to enjoy and it's my job and my resolution every year to help you find that excitement every morning!

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