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Sparkle on the School Run!!

For those who follow me on social media you will know how passionate I am about enjoying fashion and that style has no age limits, budget limits or size limits. There are clothes, trends and fashion that everyone can enjoy, its just having the confidence to enjoy wearing it whatever the occasion! I have loved fashion ever since I can remember and the feeling you get when you find the most gorgeous items, amazing bargains, one off pieces and new brands it amazing!!!!

When I found myself in my dream job of Fashion Buying it was such an honour to combine a job I love with a connection to my love of styling! How I dressed was so important each and everyday! Whether it was a relaxed Friday, a 12 hour shopping day, a sign off with my Trading Directors or a 12 hour flight to source the newest collection, the outfit decisions were really important to me to set my mood, my productivity, my confidence and my comfort!

The way I dress not only set my mood but I felt it always expressed my personality. I completely agree with the statement "never judge a book by its cover" but according to science "the first seven seconds in which you meet somebody, is when you will make a first impression"! Although we may hate to admit it but we all will judge someone by what we first see, that's not to say we hold that opinion beyond getting to know them as those initial impressions may then change, you may have been right, you may have been very wrong but the fact is we do make "a first impression". If that's the case we want that first impression to count for something positive, don't we?????

Now, what you may, or may not know, is that I have always had deep insecurities and nerves in how I present my work and how I present myself and it is these insecurities that have always made it important for my outfits to shout about my personality in those first 7 seconds! I have always worried that I will make a complete fool of myself whilst presenting my ranges, chatting with clients, trend presentations or any presentation for that matter! I always worry about how I will come across once I open my mouth, do I really know what I am talking about, will I get it all wrong, will anyone even enjoy what I am saying or even care, all that usual imposter syndrome stuff. It has hugely frustrated me but its something I just have never been able to shift! I have always felt strongly with the statement by Rachel Zoe, "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" and for someone who hates speaking in public this always feels very fitting!

Social media has been great for me, as it has hugely helped me try and share my message of fashion being fun for everyone to (in my mind) an empty audience!!! I know I am reaching you lovely lot but not in that scary way of you all sat there in front of me waiting on my every word as I stand their terrified, so it has allowed me to speak more confidently and share my thoughts, as well as just my style sharing my personality!

All this waffle does bring me to a point though! It was about that transition to becoming a Mum! The most honourable title I feel incredibly lucky to have taken (not always the best at it, not always right, not perfect) but with this title meant I not only lost my own personality for a chunk of time but I lost my style personality too which became a vicious circle with my personal personality! In the live I recently did with Bee of "Beeutiful Creations by Bee", we chatted about the "dress like a mum" and "mum uniform" and its so true, why are we suddenly expected to "dress like a mum", what even is that! Just because we become a Mum doesn't mean our style personality changes overnight, we are 100% still the same person but it is the hardest thing to suddenly understand how to dress yourself whilst you navigate through this new role! You suddenly become so hard on yourself too.."oh I am a mum I couldn't possibly wear that!"......."I just do the school run why would I wear that!"......."I'm just a stay at home mum, there's no reason to dress up!"..........these are words I hear all the time!

When we become a Mum it doesn't mean we should deny ourselves the right to feel great in our outfit, make an effort and dress up!! I really lost myself for a bit when I first became a Mum, I put my hands up, I was so absorbed in trying to be this good mum I was throwing on rubbish that didn't fit, didn't look good, made me feel rubbish, I was safety pinning maternity jeans after they had to be cut to make more room for my growing tummy, as they were really the only thing that fitted after my baby! God it was a really tough time. But, I had to get me back for my own sanity! Yes I am a Mum, but first up I am Lisa, lover of fashion, ambassador of feel good fashion and that's why I have launched #sparkleontheschoolrun a reminder to have fun with fashion and know you deserve to still wear things that make you feel fabulous!

My hashtag #sparkleontheschoolrun is all about having fun and really screaming to all women that whether its the school run, working from home, doing the food shop, we have a right to shine and glam up and feel fab being a mum, doing everyday chores. Yes our style has changed to be more practical, machine washable and to fit a different shape, but it can still look amazing, colourful, fun and dare I say it a bit sexy!!!! Becoming a mum should be seen as a job role change and not a personality change! We just adapt our style to our new role, we don't adapt our personality to something we are trying to be!!! If that makes sense!

So, let week commencing 14th December be the week you remember how to shine, how to get up, dress up, glow up and show up! If someone gives you a "wow! You look fab where are you going today?" its just as important to reply back "the post office, then the food shop at Aldi, a quick bit of ironing, then the school run" as much as "signing off my £3 million knitwear program today and I want to smash it" as lets face it, I don't know about you, but I need the outfit armour just as much with my kids as I used to for my Trading Director. If you dress yourself a will absolutely be one! Amen!

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