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Season Wardrobe Swap!!!!

It's absolutely that time, the sun has definitely packed up and bided us farewell until next Spring...and that's ok! We are ready for the chunky boots, cosy knits and layers of thermals!

Where do you start...........your wardrobe of's time to shop it!

Don't invest in any new A/W pieces until you do a wardrobe season swap and remind yourself of all the fabulous things that either you can convert from a Summer to Winter piece or remind yourself of the Winter pieces you stored away at the start of Spring! It will certainly make your purchases more considered.

Book a little slot in your diary to give yourself time to do this properly, it can be quite time consuming...and dusty...but it will absolutely save you time and money in the future! You will find dressing in the morning quicker and you will be less likely making impulse purchases that you later realise you have nothing to go with!

Here's your top tips to making it a successful wardrobe season swap:

1) It all has to come need clarity of what is hiding in there so start pulling everything out in an orderly manner and as you do so create 4 separate piles:

* Winter keeps to go back in.

* High Summer to store.

* Items not worn in a year.

* Items in need of repair.

2) Now to tackle the bottom of your wardrobe loaded with shoes, boots, maybe belts, some bags and general junk. Again, pull it all out and separate into, will not use until Summer is back and those that will be worn in A/W.

3) Clean! Now your wardrobe is empty lets to the fun part, hoover, sanitise and spray! Get it sparkly

and ready for your organised wardrobe items to be returned. This is valuable space that deserves to be clean and well used.

4) Time to pop everything back in an orderly manner. My preference is by product category and then in colour shade order. This preference can vary though, so you may want your wardrobe to be primarily organised by colour, or split by end use, then product category.

Essentially it needs to be organised in the way that allows you to shop it easily!

5) Now for the remaining piles. High summer can be folded, labelled and stored into sealed boxes and popped either on top of the wardrobe, under the bed, in a spare room or at your folks! This can be a lovely surprise when you pull it back out again in S/S!

6) Your pile of items you haven't worn in a year you should go back through, depending on your reasons to have added these to this pile, I would suggest it is time to say goodbye. If you haven't worn these in a year are you likely ever too? Think about selling this on, swapping with friends or donating to charity.

7) Items in need of repair then need to get booked into a recommended seamstress to work her magic ready for you to pop back into wardrobe. (I know a few!)

You are now sorted, refreshed, ready for Winter, aware of what your wardrobe contains and ready to create a list of anything you discovered was missing! Don't forget, anything you buy should go with at least 3 things you already own!

Drop me an email if you'd like some wardrobe help!

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