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How to keep your bits warm!!!!!

Soooooo, we didn't really get the news I think we were hoping for from Boris Johnson, and no sooner had I dusted down my sequin dresses, my sparkly knitwear and dancing shoes we were hit with the only people we can socialise with in a social place are the people we are at home with all day everyday!!!!!! If you do want to mix bubbles (max 6 people folks...Rita Ora seemed to misunderstand the instruction!) then it has to be...........OUTSIDE!!!!

No worries, not bothered, we can handle this! So, all items mentioned above will still be dusted down and worn! Oh yes, in the house, on the school run and doing the food shop! However, if I do spend a longer period than planned in the freezing outdoors so I can laugh with friends, moan about the cost of Christmas and maybe do some street the non cool street dancing sense, then I need some items that are going to keep me warm!

Here's my finds for the warmest, most glitzy accessories that can stay on show whilst socialising outside as these are the things that will be on show....still keep your sparkles on under your coat though!

Tap and shop anything you like!

Ear Muffs!

So.........ear muffs have never been on my wish list but if we are socialising outside then lets have fun with accessories we haven't tried before.....just keep thinking that the bonus of wearing all these bits means that we don't actually have to wear face coverings as we are outside!!! However, there check out the first beauty from The Dressing Room that I couldn't leave out as it combines the 2! So, I hunted the online sites and these are my faves! Enjoy!

Head Warmers

Being someone with short hair, hats have always been an issue for me at Winter, (ekk I know 1st world problems) but having short hair means I really need to think about where I am going and what I am doing before I pop on a hat. Reason being is my hair turns into a flat static mess under the hat that has no recover once removed! School run fine as I literally return home immediately, food shop fine as again I return home, but anything that involves me being anywhere other than home when I take my hat off has always been an issue! Well, now I'll just be returning home from walking the streets with my friends instead of venturing into a pub so I know every time I go out I can at last wear a hat, keep my head warm and have no hair styling worries!!!! Here are my faves!

Gorgeous Scarves

As well as the head we also need to keep those necks toasty! Again, as a person with a pixie cut this is sooooooooooo important as I do not have gorgeous long hair to do the job. In the Summer I know anyone with long locks will be envious of my short haircut but in the Winter that definitely changes! I've had a look and found some various options, from sparkle to colour to fluffy, I even found an amazing quilted option from Zara which comes with a added hood!!!!! Bonus for when it rains! Which is your fave? Enjoy!

Cosy Hand Warmers!!!!

Now for the hands!!!! Personally I am always happy to pop them in my pockets as with phones, lipstick, mask attaching, sorting minis and anything else that involves hands, I find I am always popping them on and off! Then, naturally I am losing them, or losing one, which is even more annoying! I've tried to find a few that make doing all the above easy without taking them off! Enjoy!

Stay Hydrated!

So, whilst out walking it is really really important to stay hydrated! So for that fact I have popped some fancy "water" carriers below and these will help keep your drink of choice nice and cold! Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, anything for some fun in December!!! No one likes Fun Prevention Officers and there seems to be a lot of activity from them this year! Remember to drink responsibly!

So, I hope I have given you some fun winter accessory inspiration for your outdoors socialising! The warmer you can stay then the longer you can play!

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