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Exit Style Strategy Planning!

Of course, like everyone, I am sooooo excited that normality is gradually and safely becoming more attainable to us all. With various dates comes another softening of the rules as we can gradually meet with people in real life, but I am fairly confident that many people reading this may feel slightly anxious by these changes.

It's easy to become climatised to a certain way of living, especially when we have done it for so long! Suddenly we are asking ourselves whether we can socialise face to face again, can we cope with the speed at which life will increase to again and then there is the, "will I even know how to dress again, other than reaching for my loungewear!!!".

Let me say now, like we have adapted to lockdown, we will all re adapt to real life again! We just need to start preparing and thinking about it now! My top tips to getting back into our pre Covid groove are:

1) Start your morning routine as if you are going back into the office again and set your alarm a little earlier than usual.

2) Ensure doing your hair and make up forms part of that morning routine again, your earlier wake up will ensure you make time for this.

3) Dress for your diary as if they are in person meetings. You will feel more confident, more prepared and more productive.

4) Save the loungewear for the evening, when you want to relax, feel comfortable and sink into the sofa with a glass of vino.

It may feel daunting reaching for different things to the loungewear, squeezing into jeans again, adding the accessories and re acquainting yourself with your wardrobe, but lets use this time to reset our style, reset our routine and reset our confidence so that when lockdown starts to lift we are raring to go!

I've created some various looks to help you get into the mindset of getting up and getting dressed again for the occasions you may have started to add to your diary! Enjoy, and click on any descriptions of what you love to shop it!

Al Fresco Coffee

It's still so cold right now so if you have some al fresco coffee dates with friends or family then wrapping cosy is still a must!!! It can still be a considered outfit though, reaching for colour, new denim shapes or smarter outerwear so it feels like a real occasion!

Garden Cocktails

Lets hope for some warmer temperatures as we are allowed to venture onto a garden patio of a friend! Patios are the hottest spots to be seen at come the end of March so lets ensure we are dressed for the occasion with a bit of glam combined with a bit of comfort!

Pub Garden Socialising

Wow! So, we can all officially say we haven't stepped foot in a pub since last year, so I am sure we are all eager to get the pub garden tables booked! It sounds like a lot of them have been snapped up already so you may have some extended planned meets on garden patios of friends right now but if you are a lucky one to have a table secured then oh what to wear! Lets do this....heels are a must!

It's a long, long time since we have had the opportunity to meet friends and family in an environment other than zoom so really go and enjoy it, embrace it and dress up for it! Dust down those fabulous pieces in your wardrobe and glam up! There is no such thing as being over dressed!!!!!! Make any up and coming dates in your diary really count and get yourself excited to get dressed again!

For any tips on styling some looks then contact me here!

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