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Easy Everyday Style!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

With the weather making your outfit choices every morning an even bigger challenge I thought it was a while since I did a blog to help re focus you style sass to think about some easy every day styling that works for all seasons within a short amount of time and that can work against all elements! Looking fabulous at the same time of course!

So here's some outfit inspo to refocus your shopping mind to hit the shops, or better still to delve into your wardrobe and try and find versions may be surprised what you find!

Don't forget to click on the links in the descriptions to shop the looks!

Breton stripes can be edgy!

During a recent style chat with a group of lovely ladies talk turned to the Breton stripe and how by a certain age, or perhaps a time of life, it suddenly becomes a uniform! Perhaps an unwanted uniform! However, just try and add a twist to the Breton stripe item itself or how you style it! I'm loving the new takes on joggers coming through and this Zara jean jogger is an easy wear, made smart with this relaxed blazer. I am particularly fond of this Mint Velvet tee, just adding the photographic print to a classic Breton stripe ensures this is a considered look!

The Overshirt!

An oversized shirt or kimono style shirt jacket is a great layering piece when the weather isn't as warm as we like! Just ensure to play with the colours under that layering piece! Great with jeans, chinos and shorts! I recently wore a shirt dress as a kimono around town and got so many amazing lovely compliments on it! Just remember some pieces in your wardrobe if you wear open can be a layering piece!

Gingham is back!

Gingham has made a come back and I am so pleased as its a classic design and a great alternative to animal and floral print! Shop your wardrobe first for any ginghams you may have hidden at the back and if not the high street has options in dresses, shorts and blouses, it will not be hard to find!!! Classic and will be a wardrobe staple!

The Sarong Skirt

The skirt style coming through this season is the sarong style and I love it! Flattering on all as it is high waisted and distracts from any lumps and bumps around the tummy area that so many of us are conscious of, but shouldn't be! Great for the evening with heels and fab for the day with's a step away from the pleated skirt and I am confident you will like it!

Shorts season!

It may not feel it right now but we are officially in shorts season and I feel all our legs are in need of some vitamin D! Like most women I do feel nervous about getting the pins out in the Summer! Despite a lot of exercise I have endless cellulite and am quite veiny and I recently braved the St Albans half marathon in shorts as it was so hot! So, if I can do it then so can you, it really is quite liberating! I love this pair from sustainable brand Albaray!

Hopefully these outfit inspos have got you excited about hitting the shops or raiding your wardrobe. However, if you are still not sure what works for you then why not let me work on a personalised look book just for you! Check out the details online where you can book your look book directly or contact me for me for more details. I will create some looks based on your lifestyle, budget and personality!!! I love it so keep me busy and creative!

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