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Dodge the Denim!

Jeans are always going to be part of our wardrobes and everyday outfits, but do you ever think, "I'm bored of jeans, what else can I wear?" and if you do then this blog post may be just what you need to read over a cuppa!

You may not have realised it but there is a whole array out there of alternative options to your blue wash jeans and as the weather begins to warm up...perhaps...maybe...I hope....sometime soon it'll be nice to reach for some alternatives!!!!

Here I have outlined some key trousers shapes that are around right now, the body shapes they suit and then my fave high street picks, you can then shop the ones you like from this blog! Easy peasy!

Don't forget if you would like a more personalised selection of trousers or outfit combos then go check out my Mini Look Book service that is always popular with new and existing clients. Also, with lockdown rules lifting I am back booking Wardrobe Edits and Personal Shops too, so its not all virtual now!

Baggy Pants

Referred to as "baggy pants" by Vogue, the key trend all over the catwalks for Spring Summer 21 were big, baggy, loose trousers. The bigger the better! Pleats are returning to give an even more voluminous appearance and oversized is a buzz word you will hear alot!!!! Perhaps all a little scary to wear this complete look exactly as intended and at times dangerous as the speed at which we move as we spin many plates at once makes this style and fit slightly impractical but the high street have interpreted it in a wearable way.

I've pulled together a selection of options to consider for Spring/Summer and I hope you find it a welcome change from jeans!

Paper Bag Waists

The paper bag waist trouser is a lovely high rise that works with a woman's tummy and hips so are great for women with an hourglass or pear shaped figure. The pleating detail and tapered fit means they are great for space around the bottom, hips and thighs but by tapering in at the ankle they form a flattering shape. For those who are more athletic or petite the excess fabric may be overwhelming for your small frame, however this style in a short would be a better consideration as we move into Summer!

When wearing a paper bag waist trouser always ensure you are tucking your top in to show off the waist detail whether it be a blouse, shirt or jersey tee.

Here are some of my fave paper bag waist trousers on the high street right now:

Bold Patterns

Don't save all the colour and print for your skirts and dresses, wear them on your pants too! Fendi, Chanel and Dior all had adventurous prints and colours displayed on their catwalks to lift everyone's spirits as we know colour is critical at adjusting our moods!

These pieces are a fun item to add to your wardrobe and colour or print suits all body shapes, its just finding the right style that works for your shape then have as much fun with the print and colour as you like! You can then keep your top half simple and plain or go all out and find trousers with the matching co-ord top!

Petite shapes can have great fun with this trend as the smaller frame means less overwhelm of colour and print so really go for it!

Here are my current high street faves! How daring will you be????


Anyone from my generation may immediately have memories of Hearsay and All Saints when I mention cargos, as this was their staple style back in the day and perhaps one you attempted to follow or avoid!

Well, the cargos are definitely a little neater now despite "baggy pants" being the standout look for the SS21 catwalks! They are a great casual piece to wear with boots, trainers and even gladiator sandals, so really versatile. I would also say they work with a casual sweat for a really relaxed feel but then add a blouse and a neat little French tuck and you have smartened the look up immediately!

For petite or athletic a boyfriend fit or loose baggy fit is worth giving a go but I would reach for the slim, skinny cargo if you are an hourglass, pear or strawberry shape. Just make sure you find a rise that is comfortable for you.

Here are some of my faves right now:

Wide Legs

One of my personal faves! Wide leg is predominant in both denim and trousers, in print, colour and neutrals! Its great for the tall ladies but if you keep the print simple it can work on the petites too, if the rise is high it will elongate those legs.

This shape is great for hourglass too as it will show off the waist and also will work for the pear shapes as the trousers just glide off the hips and are comfortable to wear! I would avoid the wide leg if you are apple shape and stick to the skinny and slim styles mentioned above.

Here are my faves right now!


The chino is a fab staple to have in your wardrobe and it will be popular every Spring and Summer! I have a super old pair from Gap and they continue to be worn every season. The main thing here is to get the fit you are comfortable with so you can go slim and neat or loose and boyfriend fit!

Play around with styles and sizes to find a pair that works best with your body shape as there is no reason the chino cannot work for everyone especially as there are so many options out there! If you are petite or athletic try the looser boyfriend fits and if you are pear, hourglass, apple or strawberry then play with the skinny and slim styles.

Also remember that whatever your body shape do try and tuck the tees and blouses you wear with them and turn the hems of sweats under to create shape. By not tucking you create one long column as opposed to showing off the shape you have and should be proud of.

Here are my current faves!

So, as you can see there is a huge selection of trousers out there for various end uses to wear other than always reaching for the jeans! Jeans may be your go to, your comfort zone, your uniform and that's ok but maybe try and make one day a week a jean free day and reach for some trousers! Make them bold, colourful or perhaps a new style!

If you would like any tips or advice on some new trousers styles to try then why not book in for a consultation with me ahead of an appropriate service of mine. Although I have key services these are all adaptable to what you need and there's nothing I like more than a bit of variety!

Let me know of any purchases you may make! I love receiving your selfies!!

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