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Denim Delights!!!

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

We are all fans of some kind of denim and so to know it should be staying firmly in our wardrobe for Spring/Summer is music to my ears. It is also welcoming to know that it's going to be popular in a whole array of styles, which means there will be some style out there to suit you and your fabulous shape, budget and lifestyle!

You may want to contact me to know exactly what, as although choice is a positive factor it can also be hugely overwhelming! As I always say, I will save you both time and money in the long run which is invaluable!

Victoria Beckham, Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne

Last year certainly saw us fall back into love with Jeans as with everyone permanently at home for some time there was a rise in denim purchases and Matches fashion reported a 50% increase in denim sales in 2020, which is immense! We then saw the fabulous Victoria Beckham introduce Denim for the first time into her SS21 collection after declaring that she speant most of her time in jeans throughout lock down!

Denim was big news on the SS21 cat walks as designers took some appreciation of our new lives working, homeschooling and surviving at home! We are all essentially wanting to feel comfortable at home without reaching for the tracksuit bottoms or loungewear just yet, #ditchtheloungewear

So, with so much on offer what should you be reaching for and adding to your shopping baskets this season? In general the fits are getting looser and more relaxed, the options are more vast and its about thinking of Denim beyond just jeans!

So, sit back, grab a cuppa and I'll take you through the new shapes to consider trying as we go into the new season!

The Vintage Slim

The Vintage slim has actually been around for a couple of seasons now and some of my clients have already invested in this fit. I see it as a lovely gentle step away from the skinny fit without it being too much of a scary change from what you are comfortable to wear.

The rise is long and so the waist sits comfortably up on your waist and so not digging into your hips giving that dreaded muffin top! The fit then skims over your hips and follows your legs down to the ankle without being fitted to the skin, making the fit looser without being over sized! The tapered fit at he ankle then allows these jeans to be perfect for wearing with ankle boots, trainers, pumps and heels! Just as versatile as those skinnies!

The high rise, ankle grazer is a great option for most body shapes, but is particularly great for pear shapes, balancing and working with your shape. The high rise works perfectly for all those petite ladies too as this will elongate your legs and give you height even in your flats.

Here are a couple of the Vintage Slims I love right, so tap on any you like to visit them online.

The Wide Straight Leg

The biggest emerging denim trend of S/S21 is the wide straight leg. A silhouette that is not only going to flood the denim ranges but also the trouser ranges too! However, if you are used the skinny fit these may feel like a intimidating jump in style and alien when first tried on! The straight leg fit is by far more flattering than the skinny not to mention more comfortable.

The high rise, again, works better by sitting high on the waists and so are comfortably positioned over the hips! The shape of the straight leg them skims over the hips straight down to the floor giving your ankles some time off! They are a great representation of the looser fit denim found on the S/S21 catwalks and work better for our lifestyles right now where we want to feel more relaxed at home, less restricted and to have that alternative to loungewear.

When choosing some straight leg jeans you need to really think about what footwear you are most likely to be regularly wearing with them and go for that length! When I recently found my preloved straight legs I wanted to ensure the length would work with my trainers, sliders and slippers, as this is what I will wear them most with. I'll be saving my heels for my flares when I am allowed out again!

I have added some recommended straight leg styles below and kept the prices low, as if this is a new shape for you it's best not to over invest! Give it a go and you may really surprise yourself! Order a few sizes and work out how fitted of loose you would like the jeans to feel on your body. Don't forget its not what the size says on the care label its how they feel and look on you.

The Denim Dress

The dress is still a big trend for S/S21 (yippee), and with denim on the up again then it goes without saying the denim dress is a must!

There are no rules as to what style denim dress to invest in except that you feel super confident and sassy in it, so work with a style that works for you!!!

Don't forget to check out what you can find preloved with both jeans and denim dresses too as these are styles that go around and come around so the best option for you may be found in your local charity shop!

Be inventive with the dresses too, so the second H&M option below can be worn as a denim duster jacket as well as a dress to make it as versatile as possible! Layer it with some patterned or plan leggings for a comfortable and relaxed way to wear the dress.

Here's some shapes to get you thinking about a denim dress you may want to add into that wardrobe of yours! This is one thing I truly do not have in my wardrobe and now I am tempted!!!

The Boiler Suit

After finding my fave boiler suit of all time in Matalan for £12.00 it has been my go to wardrobe piece since last week! I have seriously had my moneys worth already! Very much like the dungarees I love a boilersuit and you will see lots of them about this season! Its a fun piece to wear, slightly more practical than the dress and more versatile than you think! It doesn't have to be blue either, there are a whole array of colours coming through which is fab!

Like the dress there are many ways to style the jumpsuit to make it feel slightly different every time you wear it! Layer over with shackets or cardis, layer under with jersey tees or roll necks. Play with belts, swapping the self fabric option with something you already have in tan or a pattern or colour.

The boilersuit can also be teamed with heels for a more glam look in the evening as well as your trainers or sliders by day! It's a piece you wont regret investing in and will have some longevity across both seasons.

Here's the boiler suits I am loving right now. Be sure to give them that lived in look by turning up hems and cuffs and popping those collars to avoid them look too flat or ridged! These are that typical piece that have absolutely no online or hanger appeal but pop a body inside them and they come to life!

The Denim Shirt

I had to add in the denim shirt! Every season I rave about this being a wardrobe staple that will last season after season! It works with so much in your wardrobe from double denim all the way through to layering with dresses and tucking into skirts.

The versatility of a denim shirt is endless and I recently did a Insta Reel on how to style it, so if you are in need of any inspo then click here.

I've had a hunt for my faves and shared them below. Like the boiler suit you have to play with this piece to bring it to life, so turn back the cuffs, pop the collar, shake it about a bit and its ready for styling!

So, hopefully you are pleased to see that denim is a firm staple for this Spring Summer as I certainly am and it continues to be a versatile piece to style with ease! Whilst we are still at home perhaps try some new shapes you haven't tried before and get confident with them before we are allowed out to mingle again! Use the end of lockdown to get back your style confidence and get yourself out of joggers and loungewear if you have found yourself reaching for it daily!

If you would like any help with trying new denim shapes then contact me for some shopping tips and guidance specifically around denim. I can work on this fairly immediately virtually or I am now taking bookings for one to one appointments from April 12th.

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