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Finding your Coat Style!

When it comes to coats there is a huge selection to pick from these days! Different styles to navigate is the first hurdle and then so much choice within those styles yet again! So, what is the coat to go for that will be versatile as well as functional?

The temperature has begun to dip and so you may have started to reach for the cosier coats in your wardrobe or perhaps started browsing new options available to you across the high street, online and preloved!

To kick off your coat journey as we head into Autumn/Winter I thought I would do a bit of a round up of the key styles available to you this season along with my favourite picks from the high street for you to consider! I've been shopping for clients online as well as researching the high street and I am blown away by the choice which we all know can be a little overwhelming!

This guide should help you focus your shopping mind to what style you'd like to invest in and some ones to consider, and if there isn't the one that you love here at least you can focus your online search down to the style you want to get! Lets get coat shopping!

The Shacket

You may have resisted this style the past couple of seasons but this year it cannot be avoided as it is a firm favourite in a majority of retailers offering! It's also a great transitional piece when the weather can't quite make up it's mind ensuring it offers a layer of warmth without too much weight and when a heavier coat isn't quite needed! My Spring/Summer version in camo print has been a wardrobe fave and I cant wait to switch it to the Winter version I picked up last year in H&M's men section!

There are wool options, both plain and checked, as well as faux leather and borg fleece fabrics. Although this style can be considered fairly casual, depending on what option you go for it can be dressed up smartly with trousers and high boots then switched up to be paired with jeans and hiking boots for the weekend!

Here are some of my favourites styled in various ways for some outfit inspiration:

The Quilted Coat

This coat isn't just for those that shoot, hunt and fish! It's very much a style for us all to enjoy and along with the puffer coat, is up there as one of the most prominent styles on the high street right now. Available in an array of colours, quilted patterns and silhouettes there is categorically a style that will suit everyone of all shape and size.

I've already popped some on some client look books and the more research I do the more gorgeous options I find! They are a great lightweight jacker perfect for layering with colourful knitwear underneath.

Here are some great options I found that are worth looking at, I particularly like the Reversible option from Hush, 2 for the price of 1! It's on my wishlist.

The Puffer Coat

This is the next step up from the quilted jacket and is serious Winter territory! It's your walking sleeping bag coat and personally I think the longer the better! No one does it better than Canada Goose but if that's a bit beyond your budget then I have found the next best alternatives to consider. These coats work best with bright and colourful wool bobble hats and gloves to add some excitement when your outfit is hidden underneath! Never stop accessorising!

Don't forget these styles are not completely new this season so keep an eye out on preloved sites and charity shops as you may find some fab options for a snippet of the price you would pay new!

Hopefully one of these will catch your eye:

The Wool Coat

A staple piece in your wardrobe is definitely the wool coat. This is usually more versatile than you realise and works so well for meetings and trips to the office with smart clothes but then looks fantastic at the weekend with both smart joggers or jeans with trainers!

I love a wool coat layered with a high neck chunky knit too. It's a smarter way of creating the same look as your sleeping bag puffer coat. It oozes the same cosiness but just that bit smarter if you prefer to steer away from looking too casual.

I tend to advise sticking with single breasted wool coats as they sit better when undone but if you go for a double layer with a belt then you can tie the belt at the back and the coat will still have a great shape when worn open.

It's very easy to go for a black wool coat but try experimenting with colours like brown, tan and burgundy. They are all very neutral and will work with black, navy, green, brown underneath, more so than a Black coat in fact!

Here's some of my finds:

The Gilet

The gilet is a great piece for when you know you are in and out of the cold, so shopping, city breaks, running the kids about. It's practical in that it keeps your chest warm but keeps your arms free and stops you over heating! Layered with a knit or long sleeve top they can still be cosy!

The faux fur gilet has always been popular but recently, with the growing popularity of the long puffer coats the puffer gilet is becoming more predominant on the high street.

They are an investment piece and you will wear season after season and find they are popular during that transitional time when the temperature is changeable. They are also look great with a patterned dress for a 70's vibe.

The Trench Coat

This classic coat needs no introduction, it never comes into fashion, it never goes out of fashion, its a great one to have! I once picked up an Aquascutum trench coat in my local charity shop for £12.00 and got so much wear out of it whilst working in London.

Its a great commuter coat as you do not get too hot, works with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses. Its a classic colour so no decisions need to be made there and it protects from the rain as long as it is marketed as shower proof or better still, water proof. Remember for a coat to be water proof it must have internal taped seams otherwise it is purely shower resistant. Not so good!

Here's a couple of options but remember, scour preloved too!

The Faux Fur

This, like the Puffer, is full on Winter Territory and just perfect for feeling glam and warm all at the same time. It looks great and is functional all at the same time! This year I am certainly hoping the Christmas parties will be in full swing again and this is the perfect finishing touch to those Christmas party outfits!

I've mentioned preloved before but the faux fur really has flooded the preloved market and you can find some amazing pieces in need of a new wardrobe home, so try and make this your first stop. Here's some inspiration of what to be looking for, the Reiss silver fur is absolute splurge but how gorgeous does it look?

The Biker

Last but not least is The Biker jacket. I actually think this is a great piece to wear under your gilet as well as on its own. Occasionally I pop mine under my faux fur gilet as it does act well as a layering piece!

The biker will literally never date so if you can invest in real leather I would recommend it as they get batter with age! Otherwise there are some amazing faux leather qualities about that do a similar job!

These are great to wear with your winter dresses and cosy accessories! Here are some of my favourite picks. I tend to prefer a very simple leather biker with minimal detail as with it being such an investment you do not want to risk it dating a few seasons in as they are meant to last.

I hope that goes someway to helping you on your coat journey. Whether it be searching your wardrobe for what you have, what you want to keep and what you want to sell, or searching for the new perfect coat online or in store, this should help narrow it down!

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